CA Managed Communities Rank #1 & #2 as Tampa Bay’s Best Neighborhoods and Top 25 Nationally – Tampa Bay Business Journal

By June 9, 2017Uncategorized

Ever wonder which neighborhoods are considered the best in the area? Pittsburgh-based Niche evaluates neighborhoods based on more than a dozen factors, including higher education rate, housing affordability and availability, diversity, commute time and many others.

Tampa neighborhoods dominated the top of Niche’s state ranking in 2017, accounting for the top eight neighborhoods in Florida and 19 of the top 25.


Easton Park in New Tampa was the highest-ranked neighborhood in the region. Easton Park, with a population of 2,367, ranked first in the state and 19th in the country. Harbour Island also made it to the top 25 nationally at No. 24.

The top 25 neighborhoods in Tampa Bay were almost exclusively located in Tampa, specifically in South Tampa and New Tampa. Only one St. Petersburg neighborhood, Bayou Highlands, made Niche’s top 25.

The top Tampa Bay neighborhoods are not necessarily the wealthiest. While the median household income for all 25 was above the local average, it ranges from just over $60,000 to nearly $150,000. Median home value likewise had a wide range, from $133,878 to $672,904.

View the photo gallery for data on the top 25 neighborhoods in the Tampa Bay area. You can also explore the interactive map below to see where these neighborhoods are located.

Chris Erickson is Research Director for the Tampa Bay Business Journal.