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Storm Watch Pic                                        AFTER THE STORM

After the impact of Hurricane Irma, you may experience a host of maintenance related issues. Our Association Managers are in the process of performing site inspections to document any damage and provide a summary to the Board of Directors. Please contact your Association Manager at 1-866-259-3983 or email client services directly at to report such occurrences. 

Our local offices in Pasco, Pinellas and Hillsborough are open, staffed and ready to assist you.

For statewide, comprehensive updates and information, you may go to the Florida Division of Emergency Management’s webpage:


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After several months of looking for new management of our Condo Association and identifying some twenty companies, our committee decided to interview the top ten companies we had researched. We met with each respective representative in person, on our property. Condominium Associates surfaced as the top of our search. Now after several years of management with CA, we couldn’t be happier with our selection. The help and expertise that we have received from CA, has moved our Condo into a beautiful and well managed place to live. The Condominium Associates Team has become much more than just a management company; they are extended friends of our owners.

George K. CollinsPresident Bahia 4

Over the past fifteen months, The Seven Springs Villas Association has had the services of a new property manager assigned to us by Condominium Associates. The members of the Board of Directors have been greatly pleased and impressed by the quality and quantity of work performed. The knowledge, skill and dedication to the position has been extra ordinary. In addition, the organizational abilities and work ethic have been outstanding. Also, the owners have been very pleased with how their problems and concerns have been addressed and solved in a timely manner. The amount of work accomplished has been very helpful in turning around a situation that needed immediate attention. The Vila owners and the staff are very satisfied with the progress that has been made over this period of time. It has been a wonderful working relationship.

John C. MilnorPresident Seven Springs Villas